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Anastasia Steele Gets Some Huge News in the Latest Fifty Shades Freed Trailer

It’s a new year, and the blessings continue to rain down. Today, with just over a month to go before it hits theaters, our 2018 blessing comes in the form of a new trailer for Fifty Shades Freed. Is it just me, or is this year already way better than last year?

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The surprise trailer dropped during Monday night’s premiere episode of The Bachelor, which was already the No. 1 TV show we were looking forward to watching in 2018. But then, The Bachelor decides to drop an all-new Fifty Shades trailer during the same two hours of prime time TV. That’s a happy New Year indeed.

Sure, a lot of the trailer is a recap of what we’ve already seen in previous teasers for the third installment. There’s the wedding. There’s Ana and Christian heading for their European honeymoon on his their private jet. There are plenty of steamy scenes in the Red Room of Pain. But there’s one big moment we haven’t seen yet, and it comes during the last couple of seconds of the new trailer.

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That’s right. There’s Ana’s doctor dropping the bombshell, “It seems you’re pregnant, Mrs. Grey,” as Ana’s jaw hangs slack. Yeah, that’s about how I’d respond to hearing that too, TBH. Then again, all of the scenes where Ana takes control of her career, her marriage and the safety of herself and her husband (nice to meet you, badass version of Ana) make up for that shock moment at the end.

Those who have read the Fifty Shades books won’t be surprised by the pregnancy news, but the film adaptations have been known to take the source material and add some twists and turns readers don’t expect. We can’t wait to see how Ana and Christian handle this news when the movie finally premieres.

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Speaking of which, Fifty Shades Freed hits theaters on Valentine’s Day; it truly cannot come soon enough.

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