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Eminem’s Daughter Is All Grown Up & Has the Body to Prove It

If you remember Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Scott, as a precocious little girl, get ready to have your mind blown. Scott is 22 now, and she is all grown up (feeling old yet?).

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Scott posted a photo of herself on Instagram just before her Christmas Eve birthday, and excuse us while we work on picking our jaws up off the floor. Not only is she all grown up, but the woman is an absolute stunner.

In the shot, Scott poses on a red couch in skinny jeans, strappy black sandals and a cutout white bodysuit, which gives us a front row seat to her ridiculous washboard abs. Like, holy abs. What is that girl’s core routine, because my New Year’s resolution is to look like that.

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“happy early birthday to me,” she wrote in the caption, but who is this gift really for? (Us. It’s for us.)

A dive into Scott’s Instagram shows that even though her dad is one of the most famous rappers of all time, she lives a pretty normal life. She’s a senior at Michigan State University, she has a hot boyfriend and she looks like she lives an unexpectedly non-celeb life.

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Scott also graduated summa cum laude from her high school, so there wasn’t ever really any doubt that she would go on to great things. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her after she graduates!

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