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Kim Kardashian West’s Suspicious Instagram Behavior Is Breaking the Internet

So, something is afoot in Kardashianland, and I am definitely curious to know what the deal is. Specifically, I am deeply curious about why Kim Kardashian West deleted all the family Christmas photos from her Instagram on Thursday, Dec. 28 without warning us.

The photos, which were a collection of outtakes and runner-up shots from a Kardashian-Jenner family Christmas card photo shoot Kardashian West posted every day of December to tease the official family card, had recently become the focus of speculation when the official card failed to include Kylie Jenner. For what it’s worth, the card didn’t include any of the men in the family either. It should also be noted that the pictures from the Christmas card shoot are still posted on her Twitter, which only adds to the mystery around the Instagram wipe.

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You have to admit that with no teases on her social media pages hinting to a big surprise or a big newsworthy reveal, there’s was going to be a lot of head-scratching and raised eyebrows. Kardashian West (like other celebrities of note) don’t just delete things off of their social media pages — especially Instagram — because of the time they spend carefully assessing which news and pictures are worthy of being posted. Why would Kardashian West do something so uncharacteristic of her and, arguably, her brand?

According to Bustle, it’s unclear as of Thursday why Kardashian West deleted the Christmas photos, but there are some logical theories currently on the table. The first big theory here is that Kardashian West simply wanted to clean up at least one of her social media platforms and stick to one aesthetic. As such, her Instagram would continue to serve as the primary spot to promote her KKW Beauty makeup line while her Twitter would provide a mix of personal news and business news. While this isn’t entirely out of bounds, it seems like a rash decision on Kardashian West’s part.

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Another strong possibility is that Kardashian West didn’t see fit to keep the photos up since Christmas has already passed. Perhaps, unbeknownst to us, this entire advent calendar-esque rollout of the official Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card was a special event, and we’ll just have to hang onto the memories (and the screenshots) while we can.

A final idea might be that she was protecting her family, and Kylie Jenner especially. With Jenner’s no-show status on the official Christmas card being taken as further proof she is pregnant and would want to reveal her bump on her own time, there could be some merit to the idea Kardashian West is doing damage control to protect her half-sister. It’s a pretty thin theory, but considering the way this family sticks together, it’s not altogether unlikely.

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Kardashian West hasn’t commented on the photos suddenly being deleted at the time of reporting, but it will certainly be interesting to see what (if anything) comes to fruition on her Instagram in place of the now-deleted Christmas photos.

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