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Prince Harry Interviewed His Dear Old Daddy, & It’s Too Cute

Prince Harry has a new gig lately, and we cannot get enough of it. Several times this week, he’s been a guest editor for BBC Radio 4’s Today program. You may have heard earlier this week about when he casually interviewed his old pal Barack Obama.

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On Thursday, he had another high-profile guest: his dad, Prince Charles. The interview was pretty serious in regard to the topics that were covered, but dang, did they look very cute doing it. Way to lighten the mood, you two.

After revealing that Harry refers to his dad as “Pa,” they pretty much stuck to one serious topic: climate change. Charles has been an advocate for protecting the environment for a long time, and in the interview, he sweetly revealed that it’s been because he wanted to make sure there was a healthy planet left behind for his kids — Harry and William — and his grandkids.

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“What I’ve tried to do all these years is to make sure, if I can possibly, is that ensure that you and your children, my grandchildren, also everybody else’s grandchildren, have a world fit to live in, that provides them with opportunity,” he said.

Charles also addressed those who have been skeptical of his push for climate change legislation since the beginning, when it wasn’t universally accepted by the scientific community like it is now.

“Maybe now, some years later, they’re beginning to realize that what I was trying to say may not have been as dotty as they thought,” he joked.

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Prince Charles’ and Obama’s interviews were great — there’s no doubt about that. But they also definitely confirm one thing: We want Harry guest editing radio shows more often. Like, now.

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