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All the Chicago Fire Spoilers We Know About Season 6b

Chicago Fire’s Season 6 fall finale ended with quite the shocker — especially for Dawson. Her father, Ramon, was brutally stabbed. When she and Brett arrived, hoping to save him, his chances looked quite grim. Poor Ramon.

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The episode also left fans wondering if Stella and Severide will get back together after she drunkenly kissed him (and pretended she didn’t remember the next morning). Oh, and Hope’s scheming ways were finally discovered, she was fired and Brett told her off — finally.

Then, of course, Otis, Dawson and Herrmann are potentially turning a bar that was closing into a Molly’s North, with help from a new love interest for Otis: Lily, the bar owner’s daughter.

Yeah, a lot definitely happened, and seeing as the midseason finale was on Nov 2., fans are probably dying to know what’s ahead for Firehouse 51. If you can’t wait until the show returns on Jan. 4, then you’re definitely going to want to read the following spoilers.

1. Ramon’s fate

Will Dawson and Antonio’s dad live? Showrunner Derek Haas dished to TVLine in November about his fate, “A vague answer is that Dawson is going to be freaked, and Brett is going to try to step up, and they’re going to do everything that they can to save him. [The next episode is] going to pick up right where [the fall finale] left off.”

2. Stellaride

Will they or won’t they? As you can see above, Haas teased on Twitter, “Stellaride rising,” which seems to mean something positive is ahead for them. He told TVGuide in December about Severide and Stella, “A great deal of [the rest of] this season is an off-again romance between these two.” But it won’t be without conflict. Per Haas, “For her, there’s a different man in her life that comes into play. For him, there’s other things going on and so, yeah, we’re gonna build it up for a little bit.”

Regarding their kiss, Haas told TVLine that Stella totally remembers kissing Severide. “You can tell on Severide’s face that she’s full of it. He knows she’s lying.” Haas added, “She knows she’s lying. She’s trying to float that balloon, but it’s not going very far. But I do like that Severide lets her off the hook.”

3. Hope’s return

As for whether or not Hope will come back, well, Haas teased to TVLine that it’s a possibility. He said, “There’s a 50/50 chance she’ll be back in the second half [of the season]. She’s such a great foil and a really great actress.” It also doesn’t seem that, if she were to return, she’d come back for revenge. Haas explained, “We’ve shied away this year from the true crazy characters.”

4. We will meet Severide’s mom

Haas also told TVLine, “We’re going to bring Severide’s mom into the picture in the second half of the season [for] a story that’s pretty involved, and if we can get Benny [Treat Williams, Severide’s dad], it will be ideal, but it’s hard because [Treat’s] not a regular on our show.” On Nov. 26, Haas also replied to a Twitter user asking about meeting “Momma Severide,” “We are going to this season but we haven’t cast her yet. Looking like episode 616 but don’t hold me to that.”

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5. Brettonio

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly in December, Haas had some good things to say about Brett and Antonio rekindling their romance. “Brett and Antonio are going to heat things up, like red hot, by the end of the first episode back.” As you can see above, he also told a Twitter user that the first episode of Chicago Fire in 2018 will include a lot of Brett and Antonio. If you want to know exactly when they’ll share a scene, Haas told another person on Twitter that Brettonio will appear in the second scene.

6. Another major crossover

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter in October, Chicago P.D. will celebrate its 100th episode by having a crossover with Chicago Fire. Per TVLine, it will air sometime in early March, and a few characters from Chicago Med will probably show up as well. Haas dished to TVLine that the episode will focus on “P.D. taking over Firehouse 51 for the second part of [the crossover], on a stakeout kind of a situation.”

7. More Capp and Tony?

Compared to how much we see the other characters, viewers hardly get to see Capp and Tony shine. Well, that might change. Haas wrote them a standalone scene for Episode 14, but he’s not sure if it’ll air.

8. Molly’s North

Now that Otis, Herrmann and Dawson are officially looking into another location for Molly’s, they are bound to encounter some drama along the way. After a Twitter user asked Haas about Herrmann’s future, he replied, “I’ll answer your question with a question. Do you think he can step back and let Otis run with his ideas for opening Molly’s North?” As for whether or not “Molly’s North will have a bumpy road,” Haas answered on Twitter, “The opening will be on Otis’s shoulders, so what do you think?”

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9. Severide’s marriage

Remember that time Severide got married? Well, it doesn’t seem likely to come up until he decides to walk down the aisle again.

10. Episode 11’s ending

Haas’ favorite episode from this season will air before the 2018 Winter Olympics, so fans should definitely tune in.

11. Otis’ romance
It looks like things are going to heat up for Otis and Lily. Haas also told TVLine in November about their relationship, “Yes, it’s going to be significant for a while. Otis has never really had, other than Severide’s sister, a love story on the show. So this is going to play out for a while.”

12. A pregnancy?!


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13. Dawsey

According to Haas, “Next we see them will be in the aftermath of Dawson’s dad’s stabbing… Casey rushes to the hospital to see her.” Overall, it seems like they are going to deal with a lot as a couple.

As for Dawson, Haas also teased that she will face even more heartbreak. She’ll also focus some time on a “teenage girl,” and Casey apparently won’t be happy about the way Dawson handles her. Regarding the young girl, Haas also told TVLine, “We have a batch of episodes coming where it’s less about Ramon, and more about a young teenage girl that Dawson feels for, and Casey’s worried that she’s putting her heart into a precarious position.”

Oh, and Louie will definitely be on Dawsey’s minds. Jesse Spencer teased to TVLine in December, “The Louie storyline will come back in a different way. Those feelings will resurface. She did lose a baby, and then we had Louie, and then we lost him.” He described it as “sort of ‘the monster in the closet’ a little bit, but in a good way. But there’s a lot of pain and emotion associated with that.”

14. A very upsetting episode

You better prepare yourself, because this is what Haas told one Twitter user about the episode that will upset fans the most.

15. Stella and Brett

The last time we saw Brett and Stella, they weren’t necessarily BFFs, especially after all that Hope drama. “It’s really the relationship with Kidd and her, and that will get resolved in the next episode,” Haas told TVLine about their friendship. “I don’t necessarily like all internal conflict that keeps going for a long time. Look, good friends have fights, and then they work stuff out.” She and Brett also end up working together and, per Haas, “click together like ruby slippers.”

16. Casey and Severide

Does this mean literally?

17. Antonio and Gabby

Haas told TVLine that Antonio will “play a bigger part” in Chicago Fire in the aftermath of Ramon. “He’s going to be, for sure, in the next two [episodes], and then [there’s] a little bit of a break where you think, ‘Oh, that was short,’ but it’s not going to be as short as the audience thinks.” Haas continued, “I know our audience well enough to know after the events of Episode 8, they’re going to be like, ‘Why would they give us this if they’re not giving us more?!’ And then there will be more.”

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Who else is ready for the rest of Chicago Fire Season 6?

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