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Why Wasn’t Kylie Jenner in the Kardashians’ Christmas Card?

There are plenty of annual Christmas traditions that many of us look forward to every year: singing carols, baking a boatload of cookies, elbowing others out of the way for those great Christmas deals and even getting the house decorated to perfection for when the entire family comes over Christmas Day. And then for some, there is a recent Christmas tradition that happens that fills our hearts with such joy we can hardly contain it: the reveal of the Kardashian Christmas card.

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The 2017 Kardashian Christmas card reveal was a bit of an event this year, with Kim Kardashian-West taking the reigns and revealing close shots of the card and outtakes from the family photo shoot every day of the month of December. The idea of this was to build some excitement and curiosity for the big reveal on Christmas Day, but when the moment finally came, there was one major issue to be addressed. Namely, where the heck was Kylie Jenner on the 2017 Kardashian family Christmas card?

Unlike her half-sister, Khloé Kardashian, Jenner has yet to publicly confirm whether or not she’s pregnant, although the common consensus among her fans is that she is. Add to that the fact that we’ve seen neither hide nor hair of this social media-obsessed celeb in a few weeks (practically eons in Kardashian-Jenner time) in public or social media — and when we do, it’s usually just reposts of old photos or photos of Jenner from the bust up — and the conspiracy only seems to amp up from there

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So, with Khloé Kardashian finally revealing her long-rumored pregnancy and the impending full reveal of the Christmas card, where it would be obvious Jenner would be included, the fact that she was actually missing from the card left many fans feeling a lot of strong feelings about it. Namely, they were peeved.

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Jenner’s exclusion from her family’s Christmas card is puzzling on its own, but the timing of it only adds to the annoyance and confusion many are feeling. Considering Jenner has all but disappeared completely from public view in the final months of 2017, it’s understandable fans just want to know what the heck is going on. Is she pregnant or not? If she isn’t pregnant, then what’s happening with her? Is she OK?

You don’t have to tell us everything, sis, but a little transparency would go a long way right now.

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