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Amber Heard & Elon Musk Really Want Us to Think They Aren’t Dating

After everything she went through with her ex, Johnny Depp, we were so excited when Amber Heard seemed to have found love and happiness with Elon Musk. But it was short-lived, and that excitement for Heard was dashed when it was announced that she and Musk split, reportedly due to busy schedules keeping them apart.

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But was the split for good? Heard and Musk seem to be spending an awful lot of time together again, which makes us think that either someone’s busy schedule has cleared up a little or they’ve just figured out how to make it work. Either way, we wouldn’t be mad if these two gave their relationship another shot.

In fact, they might already be doing that. It’s hard to say for sure, but regardless of whatever else is going on, they definitely went on a date, and then they definitely kissed at the end of it… in full view of the paparazzi.

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Yep, they kissed fully on the mouth. That looks pretty relationshippy, if you ask us.

Still, they’re not letting any secrets spill. A source has been trying to tell E! News that they’re not back together and that was just a friendly goodbye kiss. We suppose it’s possible, but you have to admit, it looks like a little more than that.

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Until these two lovebirds confirm anything, though, it’s all speculation. We’ll withhold our congratulations for now, but we have a feeling it won’t be long before things are official.

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