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How Eva Amurri Is Celebrating Christmas With Her Kids

Eva Amurri keeps the holiday season beautifully simple with her two young kids, Major James Martino, 1, and Marlowe Mae Martino, 3.

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When it comes to gifts, the actress told Coveteur, “I think gifts with kids have gotten way out of hand, so my kids are allowed to ask for one thing from Santa — just one. Then they get one present from Kyle and I, one present from each other, and that’s it. Then, whatever presents they get from family and friends, they open in the afternoon, and obviously they get little things in their stockings. I found that when we enforced that last year with Marlowe, she was just so grateful. She asked for a purple kitty cat — that’s what she decided she wanted from Santa. Thank God for Amazon; I found a purple kitty cat, and it was like, $8. I actually felt guilty that it was like, the cheapest gift ever. But she freaked out when she opened it — she couldn’t believe that Santa had gotten her exactly what she wanted. She still has that kitty cat and remembers it as the present she got from Santa when she was 2 years old. I think that when we’re thoughtful about what we give our loved ones, it ends up making memories that are much more long-standing.”

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As for what Amurri gets for friends and family, she’s a little more last-minute with her gifts.

“Something that happens with me is I’ll do all of this planning ahead of time, and then literally on Christmas Eve, I’ll be like, ‘No! I forgot one!’ With StubHub, you can go on the site on Christmas Eve, find tickets you want, and literally [print] them out.”

She told Coveteur she’ll use the site and put together little sets for her husband and family.

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But it’s less about the gifts for Amurri and more about the traditions as she explains on her blog, Happily Eva After.

“Ever since I became a Mom, the magic of Christmas has felt fresh to me again, and I love experiencing everything through my kids’ eyes,” Amurri wrote on her blog. “Christmas memories still remain some of my favorite from my own childhood, and there are a few things we did around the holidays growing up that I have been so excited to replicate with my own family.”

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She said her favorite traditions include giving old toys to children in need, writing a letter for Santa and baking him cookies and keeping an advent calendar throughout December.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

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