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Christina El Moussa Is Keeping It Low-Key This Christmas

As we prepare to dive headlong into the Christmas holiday, it’s probably a point of curiosity for some (including yours truly) to know just how their favorite celebrities will be spending their holidays. While the popular option is to travel for the holidays, whether it’s taking a lush vacation somewhere tropical and leaving the cold behind or going home to see the family, there’s one celebrity who is opting in for a low-key and very loving Christmas: Flip or Flop‘s Christina El Moussa.

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El Moussa recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about how she plans to spend Christmas this year, and her plans might surprise you — in a good way, of course. “The holidays are a very special time to my family and [me],” El Moussa explained. “It’s very important to me to teach my children to give back during the holiday season.”
For El Moussa, one of the main goals of the Christmas season is to impart to her two children, Taylor and Brayden, the life lesson of giving to those who are in need. This begins with picking out gifts and necessities to donate, which Taylor seems to love doing almost as much as her mother does. “She loves picking out toys and clothes for other children more than she does for herself,” El Moussa remarked.

El Moussa has also given us a peek through her Instagram at how she’s chosen to decorate the holidays. Of course she would have impeccable taste, but the few photos she has posted show that she’s going modern and luxe with her trimmings, which are all silver and gold. I’m swooning!
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And, like many folks at the holidays, El Moussa is all about keeping it family-oriented and low-key when it comes to actually celebrating Christmas. “Christmas Eve, I always do a big dinner at my home with my friends and family, and my favorite part is putting cookies and milk out for Santa with Taylor. She always takes a bite of Santa’s cookie!” El Moussa told Entertainment Tonight. It sounds like Taylor has the right idea about setting out cookies for Santa: you’ve got to take a bite first, because how else will you know if it’s good enough for old Saint Nick?
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All in all, it sounds like El Moussa is going to have the perfect Christmas this year and, best of all, she’s going to be surrounded by the people she loves.

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