How Josh Duhamel Is Moving On After Divorce From Fergie

When most people go through a breakup, they turn to comforts like sad movies and ice cream. But when a celebrity — who has basically unlimited cash and resources, compared to most people — goes through a breakup, things might look a little different.

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Josh Duhamel and Fergie announced their divorce earlier this year, after being together for almost a decade. Now, he’s revealing how he’s getting over the split. He’s moving on from Fergie… by just casually buying himself a dream home.

For Duhamel, that dream home is a remote cabin in the Minnesota wilderness.

“It’s a tiny little place,” he explained to Architectural Digest. “It’s not big, but it’s right on the water, and it’s tucked into all of these pine trees. It’s, like, 52 acres of just open forest on a lake, and it’s got this little chimney with smoke that comes up when you have a fire. It’s this whole thing, but it’s nothing fancy, believe me. It’s cute, but nothing fancy.”

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Duhamel went on to say that he bought the cabin after months of feeling “unsettled” in the wake of his divorce.

“I just walked in and I felt relaxed,” he added of the first time he saw the cabin he now owns. “I felt like this was a place where I can come in and just land every day. It has this beautiful view. It’s up on this hill, it’s got a beautiful pool in the back, it’s got enough yard to put a little chipping area, putting area in eventually. Great barbecue. It just feels relaxing, you know, and I have been unsettled now since February, so I am excited to just get someplace and just have my stuff and just relax a little bit.”

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We’d like to say we’ll try out this technique next time we go through a breakup, but 52 acres of lakefront land might be a little out of our price range. We’re glad it works for him, though!