Princess Diana's Wedding Is Being Turned Into a Musical

Dec 22, 2017 at 11:40 a.m. ET
Image: Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Ever wanted to see Princess Diana's wedding day play out on stage? How about on stage and set to a bunch of cheesy '80s-inspired music? We're pretty sure no one ever asked for this, but it's coming anyway. A playhouse in California just announced it will perform a musical about Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles.

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The musical, called Diana, will be set in 1981, which was the year of the big royal wedding. According to Refinery29, it'll chronicle Diana's life right before and right after the wedding. The score will reportedly mix classical melodies with "1980s-inspired pop and rock music," because you just know that when you think of Princess Diana, you also think of Abba and Queen. Except not really.

The description for the musical doesn't really offer us any clues about what to expect. It just describes the plot, which sounds pretty much true to life: "Following her fairytale union, Princess Diana faces a distant husband, an unmovable monarchy and constant media scrutiny. But her unabashed honesty, modern perspective and gentle compassion galvanize a nation, even as it threatens the royal family’s hold on England."

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There's no news yet about who will play Diana (or anyone else in the play), but we do know Diana will take the stage sometime next year.

This seems like an odd presentation for another story about the British royal family, but even so, we can't say we're surprised to see this. Royals fever is at an all-time high since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement. The Crown is hugely popular. People can't get enough of the royals, so why not a musical?

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We're not totally sold on this idea, so at least we have the real royal wedding to look forward to — when Harry and Markle exchange vows in May.