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Anna Faris Steals the Spotlight in the Overboard Remake Trailer

Let it be known right here and now that Anna Faris is still funny as anything post-Chris Pratt and delivering solid comedy gold as she has always done in her films. When it comes to stealing the spotlight, Faris knows how to do it well and she manages to do it perfectly in the first trailer for the remake of Overboard. We’ve heard details of the planned remake for a little while, but now we get to see what the final product actually looks like with the first full-length trailer.

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From the beginning of the trailer, it’s clear this movie is all about Faris’ character, Kate. A single mom working multiple jobs and facing eviction, she’s a woman who will do dang near anything in order to keep her head above water, even if that means taking a gig cleaning the carpets on a yacht owned by the insanely wealthy and insanely priggish playboy Leonardo (played by Mexican action star Eugenio Derbez). When Leonardo accidentally falls over the side of his yacht and knocks his head so hard he forgets who he is, Kate sees it as an opportunity to get back at him for all the times he was terrible to her, so she goes to pick him up from the hospital and poses as his wife. From the trailer, it looks like suburban normalcy and Leonardo do not go together one bit.

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While Derbez is more than capable of delivering some comedic zingers, it’s Faris who brings some real lightness and energy to the film (at least, that’s what I can tell from the trailer). It looks like she’s going to be in her element in this gender-swapped remake (Kurt Russell played her role in the original film while Goldie Hawn played the role Derbez now plays) as her character toys with Leonardo in order to exact her revenge. And of course, the best moment in the trailer is one of Kate’s lines: “Rich people! They get away with everything!”

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I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for this movie to hit theaters. Luckily, the wait won’t be too, too long since Overboard‘s release is set for April 20, 2018.

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