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Tom Hanks & Bryan Cranston’s Bromance Is What Dreams Are Made Of

When comes to any kind of long-lasting relationship in Hollywood, platonic or otherwise, it feels like they’re in quite short supply. You may have heard many a punch line about how Hollywood marriages don’t seem to last that long or that friendships are built on fakery, and so, it’s only natural to wonder if the celebrities you know and love actually mean it when they gush about their significant other or even their close friend.

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We can add one pair of best friends to our list of genuine best friends and worry no more that they are in fact going to be lifelong buds. The friends? Well, that would be Tom Hanks and Bryan Cranston, of course. It’s not too surprising two of Hollywood’s most affable dudes would also happen to be close friends, and as it happens, they’ve been close friends for years now.

Cranston recently opened up during an actor’s roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter about his friendship with Hanks and what life lessons he’s taken from watching the most genial man in Tinseltown work on set.

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“I have known [Hanks] for 30 years, and I’ve watched him on set,” Cranston revealed. “Our wives are very good friends, and my wife was in their wedding. So I was able to watch firsthand how a young man who is a star comports himself and treats people and is able to create an atmosphere on the set that is fun and welcoming of thoughts and ideas and get the work done and then, ‘See ya,’ go home. You can have it all. You don’t have to be the tortured actor and make everyone’s life miserable.”

It probably shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Hanks is actually and truly one of the hardest-working and kindest men in Hollywood (goodness knows we need at least one good guy in show business right now), but to hear Cranston’s remarks about him, it’s as if you can feel the warmth coming through instantly.

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All I know is that I now want to be best friends with Hanks and Cranston. You get to hang out with two of the most talented, hardest-working men, and you also get to take away great life lessons from them? Sign me right on up.

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