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Cara Delevingne Is Being Blamed for Her ‘Tone-Deaf’ Jimmy Choo Ad

Cara Delevingne‘s recent commercial for Jimmy Choo may mark her grand return to modeling, but for many fans, the collaboration failed to hit the mark. She is being slammed for participating in an ad that many are calling tone-deaf for its complicity in promoting catcalling and sexual harassment.

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The minute-and-a-half-long ad features Delevingne walking down a street while several men whistle and catcall at her for her outfit: a slinky red dress with sparkly Jimmy Choo booties. In one part, Delevingne walks past a man who whistles and tells her, “Nice shoes, lady.” The camera then pans to Delevingne who looks at him, smiles and continues her strut.

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The commercial, which many are calling tone-deaf and regressive, is being criticized for making light of sexual harassment. Several critics also lambasted Delevingne and Jimmy Choo for sexualizing clothes, a topic that sexual harassment and assault victims are frequently blamed for when a perpetrator attacks. A few of the comments included:

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The criticism comes two months after Delevingne opened up about her sexual harassment experience with disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. As of yet, neither Delevingne nor Jimmy Choo has addressed the criticism. Though we hope they hear the critics out and address the backlash.

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