How the Pitch Perfect Cast Celebrated the End of the Franchise

The Pitch Perfect franchise is coming to a close with the third installment’s release on Dec. 22. SheKnows talked to original Barden Bellas Anna Camp and Brittany Snow about the emotions and difficulty they felt about saying goodbye to this chapter of their lives.

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For Camp, Pitch Perfect not only changed her professional life, it opened a new door in her personal life. She met and married costar Skylar Astin, who played Jesse Swanson in the first two installments of the trilogy.

“[It was] six years ago that we filmed the first one, and I met my husband on the first one, which is something even more than a game-changer,” said Camp to SheKnows.

The ending of the series of films was something Camp really hadn’t acknowledged to herself even months after they wrapped.

“I have friends that I will always have from this movie, so it feels a little surreal that we won’t be going to shoot the fourth one in a year,” she said. “That’s what we’ve been doing — shooting a movie [every] two years with our best friends. So I haven’t really come to grips with it. I think I’m a little bit in denial.”

Snow had already said goodbye to a major character in her life when her TV series, American Dreams, ended in 2005.

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“We grew up together — we went from our early 20s to 30. It’s a weird thing to transition from figuring out who you are to becoming a woman. We went through a lot together — there were marriages, breakups, and I lived with [costar] Kelley [Jakle] for four years,” Snow explained. “Kind of like American Dreams, it’s an ending of a chapter of your life.”

Saying goodbye to cast and crew members is difficult, but even parting with a beloved character is challenging. Camp was extremely emotional when talking about her role as Aubrey Posen.

“It’s something I’ve been so proud to be a part of, and I got it from my hard work and my passion for the role. So to say goodbye to that character, somebody who I love,” she choked back tears. “I’m going to cry — it’s really, really, really emotional. And I love her. I love playing her and to think that it’s not going to happen again is really sad.”

Snow also shared that she was never really emotionally ready for the ending of Pitch Perfect.

“At the end of the movie when they show all of the black and white pictures and it’s like a yearbook, I’m very much Chloe [Beale, her character] in this way. I love memories,” she shared. “I’ve seen the movie twice now, and I’ve lost it both times at the end. Those are our memories, and we get to see them on-screen. Not everybody gets to have that.”

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The good news is the cast celebrated the final chapter throughout filming. They knew it was a special time in their careers. “We would get together because we were all staying in this apartment complex together in downtown Atlanta. So we’d call each other up or do a group text. We would order food and turn on music and have dance parties,” explained Camp. “So I feel like we were doing that throughout the course of this film, thinking that it could be the very last one. So we wanted to maximize all of the time that we had together while we were shooting it.”

For Snow, it was all about celebrating during the night of the premiere. “We are trying to create a toast before or after the premiere to have a moment. This sounds so cheesy,” she laughed. “We went through so much together that we want to take a second and value that in each other.”

As we bid goodbye to the Barden Bellas, it’s important to remember the aca-mazing lesson they taught us all. “It’s such a good thing to see women and girls coming together, loving one another because of their differences and overcoming [for the] greater good as a team,” summed up Camp.

Pitch Perfect 3 opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, Dec. 22.


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