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Arie Luyendyk Jr. Reveals Spoilers About His ‘Pretty Difficult’ Season

Normally there’s a lid on Bachelor spoilers so tight, we go into the season having no idea what to expect. This season, it’s the leading man himself who’s spilling the deets ahead of time. Arie Luyendyk Jr., who, TBH, needs to build some hype because he hasn’t been on a Bachelor franchise show in years, sat down with Entertainment Tonight and told them about how he’s following in Ben Higgins’ footsteps in the worst possible way: by telling two women, “I love you.” Oof.

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“I really had strong feelings for more than one person,” Luyendyk said. “I’m very happy but it wasn’t without hard times.”

Clearly, this is going to be (say it with me in your best Chris Harrison voice now) the most dramatic season of The Bachelor yet.

In addition to that big spoiler, Luyendyk spoke about how tough it’s been getting back into the groove of The Bachelor after five years away from the show.

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“The first couple of days were pretty hard, because I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I kind of forgot about the pressures of all of it, and it was interesting transitioning back,” he explained. “It’s hard, because you don’t get much sleep, and you’re going on all these dates and there were such amazing women. It was hard to narrow it down.”

He added that it’s tough not to give things away before the show starts airing Jan. 1.

“I’m a very honest person, and it’s hard to hold that back,” he said.

For now, he’s not telling us how the season ends, but it sounds like his search for love was successful.

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“I’m definitely happy,” he said.

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