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Guess Which One of Beyoncé’s Kids Has Jay-Z’s ‘Mean Mug’

Is it too early to start a campaign for Time‘s 2018 Person of the Year? Because it’s time for Beyoncé’s elusive newborn twins, Sir and Rumi Carter, to have their time in the limelight, and I think they’re the perfect candidates for the honor.

For now, though, Beyoncé is keeping all twins-related news to herself, and she’s making sure they stay far out of the public eye. As such, all our updates on the most famous twins of all time have to come from their doting grandma, Tina Knowles-Lawson. Luckily, she loves those babies so much she’s more than happy to talk about them.

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In a new interview with Us Weekly, Knowles-Lawson gushed about being a grandma to three babies instead of just one.

“It’s amazing. It’s one of the best blessings. Being a grandmother, it’s not like being a mom because you don’t have to have all the responsibility all the time, but they are amazing,” she said. “This is my first experience around twins, and they’re so different, and their personalities, and they are wonderful.”

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And with, we’re sure, a little begging from whomever conducted this interview, she divulged a little bit about those precious babes’ personalities, which is actually what we’re all here for.

“The boy has a stare, like a mean mug, like Jay sometimes, which is so cute, and the girl, she’s just so happy all the time and so sweet,” she said. “They are just adorable.”

Oh, my goodness. I’m swooning forever for this news!

Thank God for this loose-lipped grandparent, who has made it her mission to spill all the best deets about the family since the twins arrived and everything went into media lockdown. But it’s not just Knowles-Lawson who is spilling the tea — it’s her husband too. In fact, it was her husband, Richard Lawson, who dished on how Blue Ivy is doing after going from only child to big sis of two to Entertainment Tonight back in October.

“She’s only five, but you can see the transition in terms of her being a little more calm,” he said. “Because she’s the diva, but she’s sharing her diva-dom.”

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OK, this is great and all, but someone needs to convince this family to do a reality show or something, because these little bits of grandma intel are just not enough.

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