Barack Obama Teasing Prince Harry Before an Interview Is Everything

Dec 18, 2017 at 7:35 a.m. ET
Image: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

If you ever needed proof Prince Harry and Barack Obama were still BFFs for life, look no further than the video that has surfaced of Harry interviewing Obama for BBC Radio 4 over the weekend. Trust me when I tell you it's maybe the most delightful thing you will view at the time of reporting, Monday, Dec. 18.

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The interview came about after Harry was named as one of a handful of guest editors that would be coming to the Today Programme on to Radio 4 back in November. Since that announcement was made, Harry has clearly begun to fulfill his duties, as video of his first bits of work — the aforementioned interview with Obama — surfaced on the Kensington Palace Instagram account on Sunday, Dec. 17.


One of the two posts made from their interview together appears to be a preinterview prep between Harry and Obama as the two men chat about the nitty-gritty details of the interview. Obama, ever the cheeky guy, gently jokes with Harry, "Do I need a British accent?" among the many queries about how best to come across on the radio. Harry, in all his adorableness, looks quite serious as he lets the joke pass by him and advises Obama not to take too many long pauses — as if Obama has never done a radio interview before.

"If you start using long pauses between the answers, you're probably gonna get 'the face,'" Harry counsels.

"Lemme see the face...I don't wanna see that face," Obama replies, smiling the whole time.

Oh, my gosh, you guys!

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According to E! News and Kensington Palace, the radio interview will involve a deep dive into Obama's life post-White House, including the day he left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and what his day-to-day has been like over the course of 2017. While we have all seen pictures and videos of Obama both relaxing after eight long years in the White House and diving headlong into his charitable public work, there's no doubt we crave a little bit more information about where his head's been since Jan. 21.

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With his close friend, Harry, conducting the interview, there will also no doubt be lots of jokes and levity added to the interview to regale listeners — and isn't that what you want? I know that's what I want. The interview is expected to air on Radio 4 just after Christmas, and for all of us not based in the U.K., I would place good money on video or sound clips of the interview being posted online around that time as well.