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Chrissy Metz Is In a New Play That Focuses a Lot on Her Weight

Chrissy Metz has a new role in the works, and fans may be a little surprised to hear about it. Metz will reportedly star in the Los Angeles revival of Fat Pig, a 2007 New York play by Neil LaBute.

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Fat Pig, described by Deadline as a “disturbing drama,” follows a young man who falls in love with a smart, sexy and accomplished woman named Helen, who also happens to be fat. First, his circle of friends finds it funny. Then they decide the match isn’t right because of Helen’s size.

Metz has already played the part of Helen in a one-night reading of the play. When it opens at L.A.’s Geffen Playhouse on May 23, it’ll mark her stage debut. Metz is already well known for her role in NBC’s This Is Us.

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Metz is a strong, smart woman, and we know she wouldn’t take a role that disparages her, other women or fat women in general. That said, the play doesn’t have a great reputation for how it treats its female characters, especially Helen. Luckily, Deadline reports, it’s getting a minor rewrite before the revival opens that its writer claims will make its female characters more three-dimensional.

“Not long after Fat Pig’s extended run at the Geffen, I decided to expand the play to include another office scene and a varied take on the ending,” LaBute told Deadline. “Both of these additions give new voice to the female characters in particular, yet I have never allowed the material to be added to a production until now. I have waited for a revival that excited me and that I could be an intimate part of, and I’ve now found that opportunity in the return of this play to its Los Angeles home.”

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Those in L.A. can start seeing previews of Fat Pig beginning May 16. We’ll just have to wait until then to know for sure if the new script is worthy of Metz’s badassery.

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