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Brittany Snow’s Mom Is the Queen of Giving Weird Gifts

If you are looking for holiday gift ideas, Brittany Snow’s mom definitely has some interesting thoughts on what to give her family and friends. Snow dished about some of her mother’s most ridiculous gifts over the years with SheKnows while promoting Pitch Perfect 3.

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In fact, her mom gave her the worst gift ever one Christmas.

“The worst gift I’ve ever gotten… my mom got me a tire gauge,” Snow laughed. “She’s the queen of these gifts.”

That’s a pretty practical gift, especially for the amount of car travel Los Angeles residents do. But this next gift will have you LOL’ing all day.

“She got me a blond hair extension the other day. Just one. And I don’t have blond hair anymore,” shared the now-red-headed Snow.

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When Snow questioned the rather unique gift, her mother had a total mom answer.

“So I said, ‘Mom, this doesn’t even make any sense,’” Snow explained. “She told me, ‘I know, but it was on sale!”

Moms are always looking for a great bargain whether it’s totally useful or not.

“She always goes in these big bins and the [items] are like 50 cents and she gets it all. She thinks, ‘Maybe I will use this one day,’” Snow continued. “That’s how she got the tire gauge, I’m sure!”

The actor is doing her best to be an understanding daughter because she knows her mom means well.

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“Although I get her logic, it’s also a little beyond me,” she summed up.

If Snow’s mother is looking for some ideas for Christmas gifts this year, she can look no further than her grandchildren. It seems Snow’s nieces are the best gift givers in the family.

“This sounds really cheesy, but my nieces, whenever I hang out with them every Christmas, they always draw me amazing pictures. They give me them as gifts and hand-make things,” she said. “Those are the best gifts because they are my nieces and they are my favorite people.”

Pitch Perfect 3 premieres in theaters nationwide on Dec. 22.

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