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John McCain’s Staff Releases an Official Response to His Hospitalization

Senator John McCain, who has been battling a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer, was hospitalized this week due to complications from his cancer treatments. He was admitted on the same day his daughter, Meghan McCain, broke down during an interview with former Vice President Joe Biden on The View as they talked about how cancer has impacted both their families.

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A representative for McCain released a statement Thursday saying McCain does plan to return to work once he’s discharged from the hospital.

“As ever, he remains grateful to his physicians for their excellent care, and his friends and supporters for their encouragement and good wishes,” the statement read. “Senator McCain looks forward to returning to work as soon as possible.”

McCain has been working in the Senate in between treatments for glioblastoma for the last six months. It’s the same cancer that killed Biden’s son Beau at age 46 in 2015.

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The same day McCain was hospitalized, Biden was a guest on The View, where a visibly emotional Meghan McCain talked to him about the cancer. Biden reassured her about her father’s strength and courage and shared stories about his long-running friendship with McCain.

“We’re like two brothers who were somehow raised by different fathers or something because of our points of view,” he said. “Even when your dad got mad at me, said I should get the hell off the ticket, and remember what I said about your dad? I said, I know, and I mean this sincerely, I know if I picked up the phone tonight and called John McCain and said, … ‘I need your help, come,’ he’d get on a plane and come. And I would for him.”

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We hope McCain has a speedy recovery.

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