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Did Katie Holmes Celebrate Jamie Foxx’s 50th Birthday With Him?

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes haven’t “officially” confirmed their relationship, which means there’s some tiny chance they’re not actually a couple, but let’s be real: We all kinda, sorta, totally know they’re a couple. In fact, they might just be our favorite secret couple, and thus, it’s always a treat to see them when they kinda, sorta surface in the public eye together.

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Take, for instance, when Holmes may have low-key helped Foxx ring in his 50th birthday this week, even though neither one of them is admitting it. Honestly, why won’t they just come clean already?

Foxx celebrated with a party at The Highlight Room in Hollywood, and his two daughters, Corinne Foxx and Annalise Bishop, were definitely there. They posted some photos to Instagram showing the cake they had made for their dad featuring a throwback photo of him and the message “Happy 25×2!”

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In some of the photos, they also posed with friends, but Holmes was nowhere to be seen in any of their snaps (of course).

Foxx also posted a birthday message on his own Instagram, thanking the family and friends who “have done so much” for him, but obviously not specifically mentioning Holmes.

It’s like these two think they’re being sneaky. They’re not being sneaky. Someone tell them.

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They did make one big mistake at Foxx’s birthday party, though. They allowed paparazzi to get a clear shot. Photos show them getting into a car together at the end of the night, and we all know what that means. The jig is up! Now if only they would realize that.

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