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Angelina Jolie Wrote an Essay About ‘Humanity’s Shame’

Angelina Jolie has pretty much always been speaking out for women’s rights. She works with countless charitable organizations, acts as a special envoy to the United Nations, is a Goodwill ambassador and more. The woman is woke.

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And now, her new op-ed is here to make you realize that more people need to step up.

Jolie teamed up with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to write for The Guardian about her work on ending violence toward women and how in most parts of the world, there’s still so much work to do.

“All violence against women betrays the fundamental promise in the U.N. Charter of equal rights and dignity for women,” she wrote. “It is one of the prime reasons why women remain in a subordinate position in relation to men in most parts of the world.”

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She continued, “Despite being prohibited by international law, sexual violence continues to be employed as a tactic of war in numerous conflicts from Myanmar to Ukraine and Syria to Somalia. It includes mass rape, gang rape, sexual slavery, and rape as a form of torture, ethnic cleansing, and terrorism. It accounts in large part for why it is often more dangerous to be a woman in a war zone today than it is to be a soldier.”

Jolie went on to make a powerful statement about how this kind of violence is “humanity’s shame,” but there is hope for a better future.

“It is humanity’s shame that violence against women, whether in peaceful societies or during times of war, has been universally regarded as a lesser crime,” she wrote. “There is finally hope that we can change this. We owe it to ourselves – men and women alike – and to future generations.”

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It’s on all of us to step up now.

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