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The Best Gift Dax Shepard Ever Received From Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell want to become the king and queen of Christmas, and they’re well on their way in 2017. Not only do they each have a Christmas movie coming out this year (Shepard is starring in El Camino Christmas on Netflix, while Bell starred in A Bad Moms Christmas) but they are also in the giving spirit, both giving to each other and to their community.

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Currently, Shepard and Bell are partnering with Opening Act to support underserved schools by offering the chance to win a Christmas double date with them in exchange for donations. Shepard is also involved in the Charmin Restroom Pop-Up Event in New York City, which is offering a host of luxury bathrooms with a theme this holiday season.

“I’m in New York City with the family a lot, and trying to find a public restroom is harder than you may think, let alone one that doesn’t require a hazmat suit,” Shepard explained in a statement. “I want to help give the gift of comfort and cleanliness to a city I love, which is why I’m teaming up with Charmin to bring Charmin Restrooms to Times Square. Throughout the holiday season, these mini-sanctuaries will be Roman baths for your bottom.”

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Throughout all of this, though, they still find time for their family. In fact, Shepard told SheKnows in an exclusive interview that both of his most beloved Christmas gifts came from Bell.

“There’s a monetary one and then there’s the nice thing, and both come from Kristen. One is when my father was dying in 2012, I was back and forth nonstop to Detroit, and I was home just before Christmas. I think it was getting more challenging than I was admitting to Kristen, and she somehow detected that while talking to me. And I had built this wheelchair ramp at his house and then I went back to the hospital, and I was in the parking lot and I called her because I kind of needed some support before I went back in there. And as I was talking to her on the phone, I heard a knock at the window on my car, and I turned around and she was standing there talking to me. I thought she was in LA. She had flown on a red eye and had come to the hospital knowing I’d be there to surprise me. I think that’s the kindest thing anyone’s ever done.”

He added, “But she also bought me a car that I wouldn’t buy myself even though I kept saying, ‘If I did this I’m going to buy this car…’ ‘Oh, if we do a third Samsung commercial I’m going to buy this car…’ And I just wouldn’t buy myself this car [an E63 twin turbo V8 station wagon]. So she got me that.”

Shepard explained, “It’s the fastest station wagon in the world, and surely every dad should have one.”

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And surely everyone should have a partner as awesome as Bell. Just add this story to the already extensive list of why these two are serious #CoupleGoals.

What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

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