Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini Are Doing BFF Things

It’s time for another installment of “Our Favorite Celeb BFFs Doing BFF Things.” That’s right; Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini, who have been best friends for years, are still filming their BFF rom-com, Second Act, together, and that means we all get the privilege of seeing their friendship played out on social media from behind the scenes.

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Who wouldn’t be living for this, honestly? Lopez has been posting up a storm over on her Instagram, and in one sweet shot, she and Remini pose together on a window ledge looking cozy and comfy and perfectly happy to be with each other. It’s the kind of stuff best friends everywhere aspire to.

“Just a couple of New York girls…” Lopez captioned the shot, along with a city skyline emoji to represent the busy NYC street outside the window behind them.

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This is far from the first time these two have given fans a social media glimpse inside their friendship. But as they film Second Act together, we’re getting to see more and more of the beautiful relationship they have. We truly can’t wait to see it play out when they play on-screen BFFs too.

And her friendship with Remini isn’t the only thing Lopez shared from behind the scenes of the movie. We had no idea Second Act would also star Vanessa Hudgens, who we’ve hardly even seen since her High School Musical days.

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Just when we thought we were at peak excitement for this movie, these two go and ratchet up the excitement a few more notches.


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