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A Mini-Full House Reunion Happened & It Definitely Involved an Olsen

Mark the date and time for when you read this news because after this point, especially if you are a longtime fan of Full House, you’re probably going to be a changed person.

So, earlier this week, there was a mini Full House reunion. And yes, you might be rolling your eyes because you’ve heard about these kinds of reunions before. You’ve been burned. You’ve been promised good stuff in the past, like perhaps the famous Olsen twins. But now, you’re likely jaded because those promises haven’t been fulfilled. You don’t expect this mini Full House reunion to be any better than the last because you’re not expecting anything exciting. But what if I told you this mini Full House reunion definitely involved an Olsen?

Still listening?

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Earlier this week, comedian and every millennial’s favorite TV dad, Bob Saget, hosted his annual Scleroderma Research Foundation fundraising event. The event drew a number of notable faces, but there was one among the group that stands to draw a fair amount of attention: Ashley Olsen.

Saget posted a photo from the evening with himself, comedian John Oliver and Olsen in the photo and captioned it: “We raised 1.2 million dollars last night that goes directly to Scleroderma Research!! So honored my dear friend Ashley Olsen came to support my Foundation @SRFcure Event as she has all these years —And here we share a photo with my friend John Oliver, once again generously hilariously performing at #CoolComedyHotCuisine – Thank you for your support, John and Ashley!”

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This is the first time, according to People magazine’s report, Saget and Olsen have been pictured together in two years. Yes, two years. That’s a criminally long time, and frankly, I’m glad the dry spell has been broken. The last time they were seen together, in 2015, Olsen was attending this same event and hung out with Saget, so it’s good to see that she is a regular supporter of him and his causes.

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This mini Full House reunion is giving me all the feels. Seeing Michelle and Danny Tanner IRL is just too good not to keep happening again and again. So, uh, Olsens: Are you totally sure you don’t want to come back to Fuller House? Just for, like, one episode?

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