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Will Nashville Season 6 Include Juliette Joining a Scientology-Like Religion?

Dark times are on the road ahead as Nashville enters its sixth and final season. After moving to CMT last year, the show has undergone some major changes as the melodrama heats up and the characters reach their final, most dramatic arcs. Things certainly won’t be the same without Connie Britton there as Rayna James to carry Nashville fans through the final go-round, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of drama awaiting faithful viewers.

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On Thursday, the trailer for Nashville Season 6 was posted on TVLine, and this first official preview promises all your Nashville faves are going to have to go through some serious personal crises before they can find their happy endings. Perhaps the most interesting arc that’s being teased is Juliette’s. In this trailer, we see that she’s approached by a mysterious man who asks her a simple question: “Why isn’t all of this fame and success enough?”

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It looks like he’s promising to help her change her life, to get back on track after a rocky post-airplane crash recovery (yeah, remember that happened?), and she might do whatever it takes to kick her demons. This might include blindly following a man promising miracle solutions to her problems, so long as she gives him a little bit of her time and her belief. The whole thing whiffs of cultlike behavior and TVLine goes so far as to use the “S”-word: Scientology. We’ll have to wait to see how that all pans out, though. Avery certainly seems keen on getting Juliette to snap out of it, going so far as to tell her, “You’re putting all of your trust in this guy. You’re living your whole life by his words.”

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Juliette’s storyline is just one of many coming together on Nashville Season 6. Tune in on Jan. 4, 2018, to find out what happens.

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