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Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani’s Christmas Duet Is Perfect

OK, seriously, could Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani get any cuter as a couple? They’re the perfect example of an “opposites attract” kind of celebrity couple, and they still continue to surprise us after more than a year of dating. It was certainly unusual when the pair first got together, but nowadays, rather than having us scratch our heads over their unusual, mismatched romance, the pair has us cheering for what’s morphed into something homegrown and super-sweet.

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Take their recent duet — they love a duet, those two — on The Voice this week. Taking a pause from their regular judging duties, Shelton and Stefani took to the stage with a big ol’ band and a whole dance troupe to perform “You Make It Feel Like Christmas.” The song is one of many on Stefani’s latest holiday album.

The dancers were adorably ’50s in their sock hop-inspired outfits, while Stefani and Shelton gave slight nods to the Christmas season with their outfits. Shelton rocked a dark red flannel shirt (because, duh, he’s a country singer, y’all) and waistcoat while Stefani wore a super-cute holly-covered dress. And of course, with the dancers and the outfits and the Christmas spirit hanging thick in the air, it’s not difficult to imagine that Shelton and Stefani’s chemistry was through the roof onstage.

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Seeing these two come together to perform kinda makes you wonder if this is what it will be like if they stay together for the long haul, right? There’s definitely serious commitment happening on both sides of the relationship, and it’s clear that whether or not wedding bells are in their future, Shelton and Stefani are staying together for a good, long while. Shelton has made an effort to ingratiate himself with Stefani’s kids, and there are even rumors the pair is trying for a baby together.

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So even if their Christmassy duet was only a preview of what it would be like to see Shelton and Stefani as husband and wife, there’s no doubt (no pun intended) that these two might be doing a ton more duetting in the coming years.

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