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Blake Lively Is Unrecognizable With a Black Pixie Haircut

What’s with Blake Lively and the absolutely unrecognizable transformations lately? For her new film, The Rhythm Section, Lively has had to completely transform herself into someone who made fans pretty much lose it when photos got leaked online. And now, she’s done it again.

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Lively posted a photo to her Instagram Sunday that shows the latest costume change she’ll be wearing in her new movie, and yet again, she looks like a completely different person. It really is wild what a hair and makeup change can do to a person’s face.
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This time around, Lively is wearing a short, shaggy black pixie cut. Her eyebrows have been colored to match the hair change, and if we didn’t already know it was Lively in the shot, we probably wouldn’t have guessed it.

In the film, Lively plays a woman who goes undercover as an assassin to get revenge on the people who killed her family, so it makes sense that she has a lot of changing looks for this role — after all, she has to keep her adversaries guessing. And since her fans can’t even recognize her, she’s clearly nailing it. Her targets will never even see her coming.

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All that’s left to see after this big reveal is whether her husband/live-in troll, Ryan Reynolds, will take to social media to make fun of her just like he did last time the internet caught wind of Lively’s major transformation.

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