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Survivor‘s J.P. Hilsabeck Defends Chrissy Hofbeck: Her Haters Are ‘Unfair’

J.P. Hilsabeck is one of those guys on Survivor you probably won’t remember in a couple of weeks. He was barely featured because his impact in the game was invisible. Well, you might remember him for stripping down naked to prove he didn’t have an Immunity Idol, but not for anything strategic.

You may also remember him for falling victim to the biggest blindside so far on Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. J.P. nearly made it to the end of the game because multiple people were planning to take him to the final three, knowing he would be easy to beat.

J.P. Hilsabeck on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Huslters
Image: CBS

Here’s what a few of his fellow castaways said about his odds of winning the game…

Roark Luskin: As somebody who respects strategy over survival, I could never give it to J.P. He’s a lovely guy, and he’s a wonderful leader. You don’t hear it on the show, but he was guiding us through the challenges with such leadership and authority. No shade at J.P., but he’s my least likely pick.

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Cole Medders: I wanted to go to the end with J.P. because I saw myself beating J.P. on the count of having more personality.

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Desiree Williams: I definitely had a plan on who I wanted to sit next to. J.P. is one of them because he was confused always.

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But J.P. doesn’t see it that way. In fact, he couldn’t disagree more.

“That’s funny they would say that because they voted me off,” J.P. said in an e-mail interview. “I guess I wasn’t the easiest person to beat after all.”

J.P. Hilsabeck on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Huslters
Image: CBS

His surprise ouster came as Lauren initiated a new alliance that broke apart the powerful seven-strong voting bloc. J.P. said he doesn’t blame anybody in particular for targeting him and admits he appreciated the way they played it: “Can’t really pinpoint one person, but my hat goes off to them for making a move!”

J.P. Hilsabeck on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Huslters
Image: CBS

One of his allies in the majority alliance was Chrissy, who has been bashed repeatedly as an immoral, condescending liar by numerous previously eliminated players. J.P. doesn’t like the negativity some of the other players have been dishing out toward her.

“I believe they’re very unfair,” he said about the accusations against her. “Chrissy and I got along great. I think she is an outstanding person and game player.”

He said her actions were all a part of the environment that Survivor brings.

“This game is all about being a liar. For someone to say that means they got outplayed. Everyone plays the game different.”

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