Mariah Carey Is Even Richer Thanks to Her Broken Engagement to James Packer

Mariah Carey probably didn’t need any more money, but like that’s gonna stop a queen. Even though she and James Packer never made it down the aisle, they reportedly have a settlement that sounds an awful lot like they got divorced before they ever even got married, and he’s paying dearly for it.

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A source told Entertainment Tonight that Carey was asking Packer for a $50 million “inconvenience fee” after they called off their planned wedding, something the insider said was included in the prenuptial agreement they were still discussing at the time. There’s no real confirmation that’s the number Carey received after their split, but another insider said she netted a “multimillion-dollar settlement” from Packer after they went their separate ways in October of last year.

That source also revealed that Carey decided to keep her $10 million engagement ring, and she even still wears it sometimes, albeit on her middle finger instead of her ring finger. I guess if you have a rock that size, you’d better flaunt it no matter the circumstances.

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And while Carey is clearly benefiting financially from their split, that’s where the arrangement reportedly ends.

“They 100 percent have not spoken for a year, maybe even longer than that,” an insider said.

That little bit of news is hardly surprising since Carey moved on right away with her backup dancer and Packer told reporters he was at a “low point” when he dated Carey. Ouch.

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More than a year after the split, though, Carey seems to be doing fine. She’s reportedly focusing on her health and working toward kicking off her Christmas tour after a respiratory infection forced her to postpone it several times.