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Olivia Newton-John Gives Health Update After 2nd Bout With Cancer

Olivia Newton-John has a health update, and it includes some really great news. After being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in her life earlier in 2017, Newton-John appears to be beating the disease once again. In fact, she’s already back to touring.

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“I am no longer in pain and happy to say I am working again,” she told Closer Weekly. “When I get to sing the songs I love, it’s like a gift. Being on the road with my band has been healing for me.”

Newton-John, who is 69 years old now, beat breast cancer for the first time 25 years ago. She was diagnosed for the second time in May.

“Of course, it was scary,” she said of learning the disease had come back. “But the words that came to my mind were ‘This too shall pass!’ I just had to believe that I was going to be OK.”

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This is the second update Newton-John has given since her latest diagnosis. In August, she was equally upbeat, telling Closer, “[It’s been] 25 years since my first [diagnosis] back in 1992. I’m feeling good [and] am totally confident that my new journey will have a positive success story to inspire others. Being on this journey again has brought me closer to what every patient and their families are going through. I know we will find a cure for cancer in my lifetime!”

Now, Newton-John credits her success in fighting cancer a second time to her husband and a positive attitude.

“I talked to my body. I affirmed that I was healthy and strong,” she said. “Depression suppresses your immune system. I tried to get my mind off my troubles by focusing on the things that I am passionate about.”

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Hey, whatever it takes to keep one of our favorite stars healthy.

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