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The Trumps’ White House Holiday Decorations Were Met With So Much Snark

True to form, even Christmas at the White House under the Trump administration looks like it’s going to be straight-up unnerving as all get out. The first photos covering how the White House was decorated for Christmas 2017 have hit the internet, and boy, oh boy, we are definitely living in a new world order. Some photos from the interior of the White House show that the Trumps’ vision for the Christmas season is equal parts frosty, steely, stark white and sparse. It’s certainly a strong aesthetic but by Jove, they’re really sticking to it.

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One of the most haunting pictures, however, was a photo posted by Melania Trump’s director of communications. The photo depicts one of the hallways in the White House with the caption, “The holidays are upon us!! Right now: FLOTUS is seeing to every last detail here at the @WhiteHouse.”

The hallway looks darkly lit with spindly white tree branches bunched together and stuffed into vases and put in rows flanking the hallway. The effect is certainly next-level, but cozy? Warm? Festive? I’m not too sure those are the words I would use. Nor would I use those exclamation marks Stephanie Grisham, the aforementioned director of communications, used in quite the same way.

In reaction to this very grim look into the White House, one user posted a photo of the White House from last year, with Barack Obama strolling around in the foreground. Ah, the good old days.

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And, of course, the internet could not merely absorb the photo through their eyes, into their noggins and let it chill there. Instead, the photo of the most solemn, severe and frankly haunting Christmas-themed hallway in America has inspired a ton of snarky memes and comments on Twitter. Check out some of the hottest reactions below.

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OK, so the hallway may not be the worst thing in the world, but guys, maybe just as a few colorful strands of lights and a few bows. OK?

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