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Nick Lachey Wants to Help a Fellow Cincinnati Resident in Need

Nick Lachey is stepping up and putting on his Good Samaritan hat as he works to help a young woman who was shot in the face after getting into a verbal altercation with a motorist who nearly struck her with their vehicle over the Thanksgiving holiday. Lachey is generously helping to not only raise awareness of what happened to the young woman — Ellie Richardson, according to People magazine — but also attempt to raise money to pay for Richardson’s medical expenses.

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According to People, Richardson was nearly hit by a van while crossing the street and the driver apparently stopped and got out. Richardson and the still-unidentified driver got into a verbal altercation, wherein things escalated and ended with Richardson being shot in the head. Her injuries are severe, but not life-threatening according to reports.

In response to Richardson’s attack, Lachey tweeted in support of her. It appears he shares a connection to the city of Cincinnati with Richardson. That hometown connection plus the fact that Richardson reportedly tends bar at one of Lachey’s bars in the area appears to have endeared Lachey more rapidly to her cause.

“Ellie is the brightest light and she will find a way to shine through this darkness. Anyone with any information, help us find some justice,” he wrote to his followers, linking out to the news report detailing what happened to Richardson.

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At this time, Richardson’s medical bills are estimated to total around $75,000, and luckily, $46,000 has already been raised per the YouCaring page set up for her. While it’s difficult to tell which donations were made thanks to Lachey’s awareness-raising about the issue, it’s certainly heartening to see a celebrity using his platform to help someone in need.

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In fact, Lachey is not the only celebrity working to help Richardson. His brother and fellow 98 Degrees member, Drew Lachey, tweeted out a similar message in the wake of Richardson’s attack. “As some of you may have heard, Ellie was the victim of a vicious assault,” he wrote. “If [you] have any info about it, please contact the authorities or [you] can help her on her recovery by donating. Thank you and please keep her in your prayers.”

Richardson’s attacker has yet to be found, but thankfully, Richardson is expected to pull through.

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