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Leah Remini Blasts LAPD for Protecting the Church of Scientology

Leah Remini is neither afraid nor cowed by the pervasive presence and power the Church of Scientology wields, as made evident in her vigilant documentation and testimony about the church’s alleged harmful practices and possibly illegal behavior. It’s won her an Emmy for her series about these allegations, compiled into the TV show Aftermath, but it’s also made her the most prominent voice of dissent against Scientology in the public eye.

That dissenting voice is speaking up once again, and this time it is about the accusations of rape made against Scientology member Danny Masterson (he’s also an actor best known for his role on That ’70s Show), who has been accused of rape by four female Scientologists. Remini claims the stalled investigation on Masterson is because of the LAPD’s connection to the Church of Scientology.

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This is a grave claim to make against two powerful institutions, especially since there’s been little in the news about the LAPD to suggest they are in any way connected to Scientology in a suspicious manner (although the Church of Scientology has donated money to various LAPD-related community programs).

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Remini speaks contrary to this, claiming the captain of the LAPD’s Hollywood Division has been associated with Scientology. “The captain of [LAPD’s Hollywood division], Cory Palka, goes to the Scientology Celebrity Centre often. There are pictures of him hanging at Celebrity Centre,” she told The Daily Beast. Remini’s implication seems to be that Palka’s association with the Church of Scientology has led to possibly being influenced to the point he could help stop any legal matters or investigations that actively work against the Church of Scientology’s interests.

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Interestingly, The Daily Beast‘s incredibly thorough report on this issue includes two notes of interest. The first is that they received this official comment from the LAPD about Captain Palka: “Captain is not making any comments.” Additionally, The Daily Beast writes that “a source inside the LAPD’s Hollywood division informs us that officers wonder about Captain Palka’s seemingly cozy relationship with the Church of Scientology.”

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The Church of Scientology hasn’t officially commented on Remini’s allegations, nor has the LAPD released a subsequent statement about Palka’s alleged association with Scientology. At this time, Masterson remains gainfully employed by Netflix and stars on one of its original shows, The Ranch, while the cases against him made by those four women have seemingly stalled indefinitely.

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