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Naya Rivera’s Family Is Very Worried About Her Arrest for Domestic Abuse

Updated, Nov. 29, 2017, 3:20 a.m. PT: The picture becomes clearer around the fallout of the news of former Glee star Naya Rivera’s holiday time arrest for domestic abuse. In the wake of her arrest, Rivera’s family have voiced their concerns about her, and her husband, Ryan Dorsey (the person who she allegedly abused), is offering his thoughts on the matter and his feelings about Rivera.

“This is a difficult time for everyone in the family especially for Naya and I,” Dorsey tweeted out on Nov. 28. “This isn’t some reality show, this is our life, and I ask that everyone especially ‘the media’ please respect our privacy and treat us/this situation how you would want a loved one to be treated. Perhaps with kindness, respect, without judgment, and as negative a situation like this is, with positivity and love. Thanks.”

Rivera’s family is also worried about her according to a source who spoke to E! News. “Naya’s friends and family are very concerned for her well-being,” the source said. They also hinted that this was allegedly not the first time an abusive incident happened between Rivera and Dorsey. “This is not the first time that their relationship has been violent, and the fact that she hit her husband and lashed out like that, is very scary to everyone around her,” adding that “many people close to Naya are urging her to seek immediate help for the sake of her son and herself.”

Rivera was arraigned shortly after her arrest and then was released on bond and picked up from the court by her father-in-law. She has not released a statement at this time about her arrest.

Original story:

Sadly, the holidays do not appear to be the happiest time of the year for Naya Rivera. The Glee star was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery on Saturday around 9:30 p.m.

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According to WSAZ News Channel 3, the first outlet to report the arrest, Rivera was in the Chesapeake area of Kanawha County in West Virginia when deputies were called over a domestic situation. When they arrived, deputies reportedly learned from Rivera’s husband, Ryan Dorsey, that Rivera had hit him in the head and the bottom lip. Dorsey’s injuries were minor and did not require medical attention.

The altercation apparently occurred as the couple were taking their 2-year-old son, Josey, for a walk down the street. The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office told WSAZ that Rivera and Dorsey began to argue over the child at some point, which led to the physical violence. Deputies also relayed that Rivera was drunk at the time of the incident.

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To corroborate his version of events, Dorsey provided police with a cell phone video allegedly showing Rivera striking him. After being taken into custody, Rivera was released on a $1,000 personal recognizance bond and picked up by her father-in-law.

It’s possible that 911 calls pertaining to the altercation could be released later in the week, after investigators speak with the attorneys involved, per WSAZ.

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Rivera and Dorsey only reconciled last month after announcing their intention to divorce in November 2016. The couple, who wed in July 2014, emphasized at the time of their split that their son was and would remain their top priority.

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