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Harrison Ford Goes Full Indiana Jones & Helps Someone in a Car Crash

Most actors leave their work at the studio. But Harrison Ford, who plays such heroic characters as Indiana Jones and Han Solo, definitely brings his work home with him. He has a little bit of a reputation for being a total badass and doing heroic things, and he did it again on Sunday.

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Reports say the actor was driving on California State Road 126 when he saw a car swerve into an embankment. Despite being 75 years old, Ford sprung into action, freeing the woman who was driving the car before paramedics could even arrive on the scene. What a hero.

This is far from the first time Ford has volunteered to be the Good Samaritan during a time of need. In September, right after a pileup occurred in the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, Ford abandoned his car, which was stuck in traffic behind the crash, to help direct other drivers and clear the scene. You know, like you do when you’re an A-list actor who’s stuck in traffic.

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And Ford doesn’t even limit himself to acts of heroism on the ground. He’s performed several rescues while flying his helicopter because again, that’s just apparently what you do when you’re an A-lister. In 2001, he was casually flying around Wyoming when he spotted a missing Boy Scout who had been separated from his troop during a storm, and, of course, performed the rescue. A year before that, he rescued two hikers who were lost on Wyoming’s Table Mountain. One of them, who was suffering from altitude sickness and dehydration, threw up in Ford’s helicopter, but said he was pretty chill about it.

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What. A. Boss.

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