Barack Obama’s Birthday Tweet to Joe Biden Is a Meme Come True

Turns out yesterday was an extremely important day in history: Nov. 20, otherwise known as the birthday of one former Vice President Joe Biden. Obviously, this momentous day could not pass without Biden’s BFF/co-parent to the nation, Barack Obama, doing something to commemorate it.

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This is the president-vice president pair who reportedly share friendship bracelets, so obviously, birthday wishes between them are going to be epic — and Obama did not disappoint. On Twitter, he posted his happy birthday message to Biden in the best way possible: as a meme.

The meme, which shows a jovial Biden interrupting Obama’s speech, reads:

“ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I’m gonna wish you a happy birth–
ME: Joe.”

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It’s a play on a meme that became super-popular right after the 2016 election that showed all the pranks Biden was supposedly setting up in the White House for when Donald Trump would arrive, with Obama chastising him every time by simply saying, “Joe.” Meant to capitalize on the friendship the two men, ostensibly built during their eight years in the White House, while imagining Biden as a rogue fellow with Obama being the one who keeps him in line, the meme soon went viral and left us all tickled pink.

Needless to say, Twitter lost it when they saw Obama is now officially in on the joke. Their reactions, like the one you’re likely having while you read this, are epic.

The birthday message wasn’t all jokes, of course — a bromance this strong needs a little love too. At the end of his tweet, Obama wrote, “Happy birthday to @JoeBiden, my brother and the best vice president anybody could have.”

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We truly didn’t deserve them.