Did Selena Gomez Have a Panic Attack During Her AMAs Performance?

There’s no question something seemed a little off about Selena Gomez’s performance at the 2017 AMAs this weekend. It was an emotional performance, to be sure. She was carried onstage by dancers who were acting out a kidnapping while she was dressed in just a white slip with fake blood on her knees. But what was really strange about it was the expression on Gomez’s face. She looked a little… lost? Scared? Anxious, maybe?

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People were quick to call her out afterward for lip-syncing, and I can see why people would have jumped to that conclusion. But now, more news is coming out, and it appears Gomez’s off night may have been due to something much more serious.

“There was a rumor that Selena had a panic attack during her performance, we don’t know how true this is but could be why she looked sad throughout,” a Gomez fan site tweeted soon after she performed. “No matter what we are grateful for everything she has done.”

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The rumors are unclear about whether Gomez suffered this alleged panic attack onstage during her performance or right before, but either way, fans are jumping to her defense, praising her for performing through what was clearly a difficult situation for her, regardless of the reason.


Gomez herself has not addressed the rumors, but did take to Instagram to thank her fans for their support after her performance.

“Thank you guys! We did it! Thank you to my best friend Petra [Collins] for helping me bring it to life,” she wrote. Gomez has since deleted that post, just adding to the confusion about what exactly happened at the AMAs.

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Whatever it was, we just hope she’s OK.


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