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Tarek & Christina El Moussa Get Sentimental as a Major Anniversary Nears

A lot can happen in just one year, and perhaps nobody knows that quite as well as HGTV stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa. Both Tarek and Christina took to Instagram earlier this week to post quotes they found meaningful that also gave fans a window into where they are (emotionally, mentally and so forth) as they approach the one-year anniversary of their official split on Dec. 12.

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For his part, Tarek took solace in the words of J.K. Rowling and chose to share a short and sweet quote while elaborating in his photo caption about what this quote means to him at this time in his life and how he’s actively worked to pull himself out of a dark place over the last year.

Rowling’s quote (“Rock bottom became the solid foundation upon which I built my life.”) served as the springboard for this from Tarek: “This quote really stood out to me. We’ve all faced obstacles and for many they were so horrific they hit the lowest point of their life with no future in sight….when you are at the bottom you feel nothing but pain, misery and despair,” he wrote. “Even though you can’t see the light at the bottom it still exists and as time goes on that light starts to shine. Once that light starts to shine take the opportunity to reevaluate who you are and what you want to be. Take it as an opportunity to bounce back and be stronger than ever. In my opinion, rock bottom is an opportunity to start over and do it right! Happy Tuesday- T.”

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Christina wrote that she “couldn’t agree more” with the following David Crosby quote, which seems to imply she has not only worked to turn her pain or grief into a tool for growth and enlightenment, but that she’s been dedicated to finding the positive things about life and holding on to them.

“You do not get to choose the events that come your way nor the sorrows that interrupt your life,” the quote begins. “They will likely be a surprise to you, catching you off guard and unprepared. You may hold your head in your hands and lament your weak condition and wonder what you ought to do. To suffer, that is common to all. To suffer and still keep your composure, your faith, and your smile, that is remarkable. Pain will change you more profoundly than good fortune. Suffering shapes your perception of life, your values and priorities, and your goals and dreams. Your pain is changing you.”

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Tarek and Christina officially announced their separation to the world on Dec. 12 of last year. Since then, the pair has frequently been a source of curiosity to the public as they’ve moved on and rebuilt their lives as single people, TV stars and amicable co-parents to their two children, Taylor and Brayden.

It certainly sounds like these two are in a good place now and have found a way to turn their pain or sadness over their very public split into something productive for the both of them. Hopefully, this is just the start of a good, fresh chapter in their lives because they certainly deserve it.

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