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Ben Affleck Made an Uncomfortable Joke About Sexual Misconduct in Hollywood

Ben Affleck hasn’t been immune to the flood of allegations that have been made against powerful Hollywood men in recent months. There’s literally a video in existence that shows Affleck groping One Tree Hill actor Hilarie Burton on TRL years ago, something Affleck has since apologized for.

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Today, though, we get to see exactly how seriously he’s taking all of this. Despite hundreds of women coming forward and telling their stories of harassment, sexual assault, rape and other abuse in the entertainment industry, Affleck still thinks this is all a laughing matter.

During a press junket for his new Justice League movie, Affleck made a number of off-color jokes about potential female superheroes who could join the Justice League in another film. First, when he and his costars were asked what superheroes they’d like to see join, Ray Fisher chose the DC Comics magician Zatanna. To this, Affleck awkwardly joked, “The fishnets, right?” seemingly implying that the main draw for having Zatanna join the team would be because of how she’s dressed.

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Then the cast was asked what they would do if Supergirl joined them, which would mean another woman (in addition to Wonder Woman) would join the male-dominated cast.

In answer to that, Affleck laughed and answered, “Are you following the news at all?” It was clear he was alluding to all the news of sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood and making some uncomfortable implication about women being in male-dominated spaces. The moment, which was recorded on video, was quickly screen-capped because his costars’ faces pretty much say everything we’re feeling right now about those “jokes.”

No, this wasn’t taken out of context. Yes, it’s as disgusting as it sounds. See for yourself.

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When it comes to Hollywood elite, Affleck is about as high up as they come. Here’s hoping his status won’t protect him from consequences for this kind of behavior, because he deserves whatever comes his way.

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