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This Deadpool Teaser Is Too Much & So Good

Warner Bros. couldn’t have all the fun this weekend releasing its new Justice League movie. Nope, 20th Century Fox had to steal some of the thunder, so it did with a new trailer for Deadpool 2.

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Before you get too excited, the trailer doesn’t actually tell us much of anything about the movie. The plot has been kept tightly under wraps (although 20th Century Fox released a hilarious faux-synopsis earlier this week) and it looks like the teaser hasn’t changed that. What it does reveal, though, is the kind of humor that made the first Deadpool so wildly popular hasn’t changed at all. If anything, the next installment is going to be even more #NoFilter.

It’s also honestly more like a short film than a trailer, considering there’s very little about the actual movie in it. Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool, who is actually impersonating the mild-mannered and very recognizable painter Bob Ross. The setup is similar to Ross’ show, except Deadpool appears a little too high and amped-up while teaching us how to paint some lovely landscapes with his slightly inappropriately named paint colors, like “yellow snow” and “Betty White.”

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After a lot of weird cut scenes of painting, some drug references and a few dirty jokes for good measure, we know Deadpool hasn’t changed at all, and the humor is going to be just as candid and R-rated in the sequel as it was in the original. And then it cuts to some quick-fire clips of some of the action and special effects fans can expect to see in the next go-round. Again, there are no real plot details, but that doesn’t detract from what this trailer is truly saying: The next Deadpool movie is going to be another wild, fun ride.

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Deadpool 2 hits theaters June 1.

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