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Prince Harry May Have Violated the British Army’s Dress Code, & People Are Not OK

Who would have thought Prince Harry might actually be, of all things, a rule-breaker? It might be difficult to believe because Prince Harry is a charming slice of the British monarchy and a beloved international treasure, but alas, here we are wondering whether he may have broken a rule. Prince Harry? A rule-breaker? Surely you jest!

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Accusations Prince Harry violated British military dress code were made earlier this week when it was believed the beard he sported (as he has done for a few years now) during a Remembrance Day ceremony was improper. The beard itself, which you can see in a photo below, isn’t unruly at all, nor is it exactly unkempt or gross. In fact, it looks like Harry’s doing a bang-up job keeping it in all in order.

Prince Harry British Army Remembrance Day
Image: Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

Which makes The Daily Mail‘s claims that Harry’s beard is somehow breaking a military dress code all the more disheartening. The U.K. outlet zeroed in on Harry’s beard, quoting a source who claimed Harry’s beard was an affront to the entire military. “There’s no place for beards in the Queen’s cavalry. He should have shaved it off for such an important day,” they reportedly stated.

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It’s worth noting that it seems the rule about British officers in the military being clean-shaven may only apply to men currently serving, as noted by Refinery29 and an astute user on Twitter who goes by the name Books of Dublin. Seeing as Harry left the army in 2015, it sounds like The Daily Mail is being alarmist for no reason. Army blues or not, he’s probably not violating any sacred military dress codes.

Of course, some responded with serious eye rolls at the hullabaloo, like these folks: 

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So can we all take a chill pill now and let Harry (and his super-attractive beard) live a little?

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