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Lady Gaga Completely Stopped Her Show to Console an Injured Fan

Anybody who’s seen Netflix’s Gaga: 5’2″ knows Lady Gaga is one of the most empathetic, compassionate celebrities (or even just people in general) out there. We don’t deserve her, TBH. Over the weekend, she proved that yet again.

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At her Saturday night concert in Connecticut, Gaga noticed that a fan had been hit in the face in the crowd, something that can pretty easily happen at a high-energy show, and that she was bleeding. Gaga, bless her, straight up stopped the concert to check in with the fan and make sure she was OK. A video posted to Twitter shows the interaction, and it’s been going viral for good reason.

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“Hi, I just looked over and I saw. Are you doing all right?” Gaga can be heard asking the injured fan in the video. “Are you gonna stay? Do you need some extra help? Do you need a paramedic? They’re on their way? OK.”

Luckily, paramedics make their way to the injured woman pretty quickly, and because she is a literal angel, Gaga gives her backstage passes so she can stay and enjoy the rest of the show while she gets treated. Before starting her next song, Gaga tells the crowd, “What we all need to remember is that there are some things that are more important than show business.”

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Amen to that. And bless Gaga for giving us such a solid reminder of what’s really important. If more people took care of each other like that, the world would truly be a better place.

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