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What Does Meghan Markle’s Official Suits Exit Mean for Her Royal Future?

We’ve known for some time that big things were happening for Meghan Markle, but this might be one of the biggest changes of all for the actor and lifestyle icon. On Monday evening, it was confirmed by Deadline that Markle would be leaving Suits after Season 7. Her departure was confirmed along with the departure costar Patrick Adams, who has been a fixture on the show since Season 1. This news may be sad for longtime fans of Suits, but for fans who are champing at the bit for another royal wedding, this could be very exciting indeed.

Prince Harry and Meghan visit One
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As far as their Suits exit is concerned, there seems to be no ill-will according to the various available reports. In fact, according to Deadline, Adams has been looking to move on for some time, and as many of us can guess, although Markle hasn’t explicitly stated this, she has plenty of other projects and responsibilities in her life at the moment.

And so, seeing as Adams and Markle are collectively one of the show’s primary couples, it would certainly be easier to write them off as a pair at the end of Season 7 and send them on their way; a clean break. In fact, a source tells Us Weekly there are plans for writing in a wedding between Rachel and Mike (Markle’s and Adams’ characters, respectively) into the show to help ease their exit, and it will “make it an easy break for Meghan to leave as well.”

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It seems like where Markle is concerned, her path to leaving the show has been cleared for a while. An Us Weekly report from September quotes a source who was frank in their admission that many people who worked on the show already suspected she was as good as gone. “If Meghan decides not to come back for Season 8, the show will still keep going if everyone else signs on. She isn’t the main cast member on the show, and quite frankly, everyone already thinks she’s not coming back,” the source told the magazine.

While “security issues” are cited as the reason Markle was presumed to be leaving (keeping her safe and sound now that she’s Prince Harry’s girlfriend is likely the issue in question) in that September report, it’s also easy to see that Markle has been slowly pulling away from her career as an actor for some time. While she’s been focused on finishing strong on Suits, she also hasn’t been pursuing new film or television opportunities as she’s been getting closer and closer to Prince Harry. This Suits news could not only act as confirmation she’s off the show, but that she is in the final stages of preparation for life as a royal. If she is committed to showing the royal family — and by extension, the world — that she’s ready to be a royal, then this is really the occasion to do it.

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Of course, Prince Harry’s been taking his sweet time proposing to Markle, although the fact that she’s moving to London and the pair have plans to move in together is yet another sign of the kind of commitment fans are hoping for. Let’s just hope this Suits confirmation is yet another thing nudging Prince Harry in the direction we’re hoping for: a royal engagement.

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