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Grey’s Anatomy Is Gearing Up for Another Huge Heartbreak

If you’re still watching Grey’s Anatomy, by now you have a stone-cold heart. It’s the only way a human can deal with that much gut-wrenching tragedy. And surprise! There’s more heartbreak on the way, Grey’s fans. At least nobody is dying this time though (that we know of).

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As Jason George, who plays Ben, gets ready to exit the show to join the cast of ABC’s upcoming firefighters spinoff of Grey’s, he’s dishing on what that means for the future of his character’s relationship with Bailey. Spoiler alert: It’s not good.

A breakup seems like “a genuine possibility,” he told reporters at the Grey’s Anatomy 300th episode party last week, adding, “Nothing lasts forever.”

If that isn’t a theme that’s been drilled into our heads since the very beginning of Grey’s, I don’t know what is.

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George also talked a little bit about Ben’s motivations for leaving his promising career as a surgeon behind to become a firefighter, a decision he’s been grappling with in recent episodes.

“You know what I honestly think it is? I think it scares the hell out of him,” George explained. “I think we established in [Season 13’s ‘Ring of Fire’] that Ben was definitely afraid of fire, yet he ran into a fire. He is an adrenaline junkie. A lot of really successful people have said they just went charging at the thing that scared them the most.”

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As for how that’ll affect Ben’s relationship? Well, despite George’s pessimistic outlook on their future, we’ll just have to keep watching and see. The only thing Shonda Rimes loves as much as making her viewers suffer is a good plot twist, so maybe they’ll work things out after all.

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