The Real-Life Love Triangle That Happened Behind the Scenes of Stranger Things

A Pomeranian might be responsible for dividing the cast of Stranger Things.

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In an interview with Mashable, David Harbour, who plays Hopper in the show, explained that he and his costar Joe Keery both fell madly in love with the little fluffball.

“There’s a Pomeranian dog on our set that is one of the makeup girls’ dogs, and I fell madly in love with this dog and put a picture on Instagram,” Harbour explained. “Joe would text me pictures of him and the dog in the makeup trailer, and I would get so jealous and mad and rageful.”

“So I do feel like there’s some kind of love triangle to be mined there with the two of us and the Pomeranian,” Harbour added.

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Both actors have been posting pictures of the pooch on their Instagrams, but it appears that Keery is winning the viral battle. Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) shared a photo on his Snapchat of Keery holding both the Pomeranian and what appears to be a glass of some bubbly, and the photo subsequently blew up.

But the battle for the Pomeranian’s ultimate affection is all in good fun.

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Joking aside, Harbour told Mashable that he actually really has a close relationship with Keery despite not sharing a ton of screen time with him in the show. “I would love to play more stuff with Joe, we’ll have to see,” he said. “There’s just so many great characters on this show, it’s hard to figure out a way to put Steve and Hopper together, but I’m sure the Duffers will figure it out, because I do love Joe. I love working with him.”


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