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Which Leonardo DiCaprio Character Is Your Soul Mate?

Let’s face it. Leo DiCaprio is one of the most talented, sexy and versatile actors in Hollywood. He’s been around since he was a kid, but his baby face has transformed into a tested, talented, masculine actor. He can do anything from foreign accents to Shakespeare to steamy sex scenes. But if we had to pick just one of DiCaprio’s characters as our soul mate to love for all of eternity, we’re not sure we could. Of course, Jack Dawson from Titanic satisfies our romantic nature, but the cool perfection of Jay Gatsby is sexy as hell.

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Luckily, we’ve created an in-depth quiz that examines your personal values and needs to connect you with the most compatible version of DiCaprio that exists. Finally, you can match your sense of style, your living environment and even your favorite film with the many faces of Leo. Let’s get started.

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Did you get the Leo of your dreams?

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