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The Official Trailer for The Crown Season 2 Is All About the Drama

Is Prince Philip actually kind of secretly awful? Because that’s what the new trailer for Season 2 of Netflix’s The Crown would have us all believe. It’s likely the final trailer before the new season debuts, and can we talk about all this drama please?

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“You married a wild spirit,” someone warns Queen Elizabeth in the trailer. “Trying to tame him is no use.”

But, like, that’s pretty mild compared to how ugly it gets. Also in this trailer, Elizabeth says to somebody, who we are strongly convinced is Philip, “There is no possibility of my forgiving you… The question is: How on Earth can you forgive yourself?”
What did he even do to deserve that stone-cold clapback?

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In addition to hubby drama, Season 2 promises more of the wild political situations that made us fall in love with The Crown. This time, Elizabeth is navigating the monarchy “as the fragile social order established after the Second World War breaks apart” according to Netflix’s official description. We’re going to see Her Majesty’s Armed Forces start an illegal war in Egypt as well as plenty of scandal surrounding the queen’s staff and advisors, especially Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.

Then there’s the rest of the royal family, including Elizabeth’s sister, Margaret, who declares herself a “modern woman” and starts to shake what God gave her all over the place, which, obviously, was a pretty scandalous choice for a member of the British royal family in the mid-1900s. Getting excited for the new season yet?

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Season 2 of The Crown drops all its episodes on Dec. 8.

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