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Ryan Reynolds Pokes Fun at Blake Lively’s Transformation for Her New Film

Updated Nov. 7, 2017, 1:30 p.m. PT: Ryan Reynolds will always and forever be the king of trolling Blake Lively.

We’re still shook by photos of the transformation Lively underwent for her new movie, The Rhythm Section, because she is actually completely unrecognizable. And Reynolds saw that as an opportunity to hit his wifey with an amazingly sick burn that Instagram cannot get enough of.

On the photo-sharing platform, Reynolds posted one of Lively’s leaked shots from the set. In the caption, he wrote simply, “#nofilter.”

Considering the absolute flood of cry-laughing emojis that is the comment section on that photo, we think it’s safe to say fans are here for this brutal yet super-silly husband and wife social media feud (of sorts). We’re just over here waiting to see how Lively is going to clap back, though, because you know she is going to do it. And when it happens, it will be the clapback heard ’round the world.

Let the games begin.

Original story:

Blake Lively — actor, mom and all-around icon — has completely transformed for her latest role, and you might want to prepare yourself before you take a look at just how much she has changed. Lively is currently filming her next movie, the thriller The Rhythm Section, in Ireland. Photos from the set leaked onto the internet over the weekend, and it’s really hard to overstate just how much she has completely changed for this new and challenging role.

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Lively was spotted on the set of The Rhythm Section looking rather tired, but that fatigue might just be thanks to special effects makeup used to add some bags and heaviness to her face. Combined with the puffy jacket and layers of worn clothing, it’s easy to see why many folks on the internet were shocked at her transformation.

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Granted, Lively isn’t unused to transforming for a role or at the very least not looking super-pretty 100 percent of the time. Take her shark-driven survival movie The Shallows. If you recall, Ryan Reynolds’ better half had to get pretty bloody and dehydrated (again, thanks to special effects makeup) for that role. But the effect of Lively’s makeup and costuming for The Rhythm Section, where she plays a woman seeking revenge on the people who are responsible for her family’s death, is astonishing because she looks so very tired and not at all glamorous.

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Consider us more than intrigued to see what becomes of The Rhythm Section and Lively’s sure-to-be astonishing performance.

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